Tona Tuni r Golpo

Sharing story of feelings between a couple - tona and tuni.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Tona Tuni r Golpo

Fufu and Ripa just went inside aiport for Dhaka. This Singapore Airlines fleight will go through Frankfurt to Singpaore. After a 12 hours halt there it will reach Dhaka at Sunday night. They missed last night's British Airways fleight due to transit visa missing that they had to collect morning today.

Because of this tension, I could not keep much in touch with my Tuni today and last night. I understand my activities towards her last few days make her feel that I dont care much about her. But I care about her more than anything else. I wish I could show what goes on deep inside me for her. I want to see her happy at any cost.

I love my Tuni.

-- Tona


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