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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

30 days 4 marriage n 19 days to meet tona

If i take today and the 19th of Jan, then there is xactly a month for us to get married. And 19 days to meet Tona...

Lets see where do I stand in terms of my preparation
Gaye holud
- Dates:- mine on 17th of Jan 2006 and Tona's on 18th of Jan 2006
- Venue is "the milon Kunjo".. the name is funny i know.. but thats like the only smallest community center we could find there. I dont like its toilet. And some of the staff are arrogant with whom I might have some contradictions. Food will be from there too, thats another issue I am not particularly pleased with.
- The card is all ready but has few problems.. the font is too small, doesnt have my sisters name and nothin saying its gaye holud card.
- Cosmetics and things like that is yet to be bought should be done by today
- Only Tonas Panjabi has been bought which is maroon in color.
- I have not yet received my gaye holud saree blouse to have an idea as to what it might look like.
- I have to make a list of Dalas to be going there too. :(..... so much to do....

Date:- 19th of Jan 2006 morning
Dadaji will be there, and people from Madrasah too. We are going to arrange for around 40 people in the house (very skeptic though abbu is insisting). Now as I am thinking, Me and Tona needs something to wear on that day. Tona I think should be wearing a panjabi. And me I dunno as yet

Date:- 19th of Jan 2006 evening
Venue - Royal Lagune at Rifles Square and food is expected to be from Fakhruddin.
We are expecting around 600 people in the ceremony. I am getting a reddish maroonish saree my inlaws got from India.
Tona is wearing a greenish - brown prince coat. Still to get his shoe, pagri and round neck shirt.

Wedding Reception
Date:-22nd of Jan 2006 evening
Venue - Gulshan Shooting Complex
I will be wearing a lahenga. Something I have never worn in my entire life... but as i said to Tona there is always the first time. Its purplish pink in color.
Tona is wearing a greyish black suit with white shirt and grey tie. I am yet to get the Grey tie.

I m done with buyin clothes for gifts on the other side... except for a few.......
Today I will finish up buying Tonas cosmetics from Almas........
I am just counting days to meet up with tona... just cant wait...
I have already lost my sleep.... it has lightened up sooooo much dat i cant sleep once it has some break....
Waiting for you Tona


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