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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Tuni's Birthday

I missed Tuni's birthday this 14th April. And I was stupid enough not to send even a birthday card! :-( I just wished her happy birthday over phone. I found her upset that time.

Tuni, dont worry, me here for you.

I was reading an old private blog and feel to move that post here now.

Date: 10th December 2004

I came to know tonight that my Shus loves me!!! It was Shormin's bouvat tonight at Poroma Community Center. I had several sms exchanges with Shus about marriage and love. And at one point of my queries, she told that she decided not to marry me and she thinks she loves me. Uhh! At last, in exchange of all my love, effort, divotion to her, I came to know that this girl loves me. What a relief!

-- Tona


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