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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Me Alive and Safe In Atlanta

I left my motherland, Bangladesh, at 7th April night in search of a better career in USA with H1B visa. Faisal came back from Bangkok last night and was with me till I walked through the airport. My Therap's colleagues Ahsan, Saiful, Sazzad, Tanim was also there as well as Tuni, Margoob and my family, relatives.

Me, Saiful Bhai's mother and Akul Bhai started with the Emirates first. In customs checking I forgot to get security check sticker in my laptop which was in Rizvi's hand. Rumi apa's one friend helped me a lot in Zia Intl airport to come out of these issues. Just before walking into the Emirates, an airport officer returned me the small handbag full of dollars that I left in the security check counter. :-(

Dhaka to Dubai - it was my first plane journey ever. After a 5 hours' journey we reached Dubai on time. There we got separated from Akul bhai after 2 hours haltage as he will go to Rome now. From Dubai, me and Aunt took another Emirates to London. It took approximately 10 hours to reach Gatwick airport. There we had an hours' stay and changed our flight - Delta - London to Atlanta. After reaching Atlanta airport after another 10 hours, we had to waste lot of time on customs checking and baggage claim through subway/train. Saiful Bhai and Rozen Bhai, both were waiting for us. I had to give a technical interview within an hour of reaching Atlanta and that was excellent according to Rozen Bhai. :-)

Rozen Bhai placed me to his friend Hasan's house at Tucker where I got a separate room and bathroom and sharing the living room and kitchen with Hasan Bhai. I found him a good man so far. During this time my uncle from New York called me almost everyday over phone. Besides I talk to my brother Rasel in London frequently, with my Mom and Dad and my youngest brother Rizvi in Dhaka and with Shusmita. I also talked with Litu bhaijan in Japan and Rumi apa from Dhaka. I didn't have internet access until yesterday, 10 days I am without even a mail check - I cant imagine that! I couldn't find out a single cyber cafe here. People use cable or DSL and only a few use dial up. I took Comcast cable modem connection which is as fast as hell itself! I downloaded a 6.5 MB file just last minute within 5 seconds.

Atlanta has many Bengalis from Dhaka including DV winners, immigrants, students and H1B holders. I went to two gatherings of Bangalis in this weekend at Shuvo Noboborsho Mela. Lubna Apa, the cousine of Wasi (BRAC University MBA student) and her husband took me there, Cricket is very popular within Bangalis. One evening Rashid Farook Bhai came to my house and picked me to Bookers' chess club. I started playing chess passionately again after 4/5 long years. Hasan bhai introduced me to a few Bengali families here.

Atlanta is the busiest city and capital city of Georgia and is called the New York of South. It started growing rapidly from 1996 Atlanta Olimpic. The head office of Coca-Cola and CNN is here. Most of the people are black or Mexican. You can't live here without a car. I dont know driving much and I dont have car, so these days I had to stay mainly in my room waiting for phone calls from my employer and playing chess games of Laszlo Polgar's excellent book Chess. I am tasting different kinds of foods now.

I found lots of IT activities going on in Dhaka includiung the recent PHPExperts and SQA gatherings and JPGroup Pathshala project progress. I'll miss them for a while now but will get back in future.

I miss my country, my family and the circle I left there. I wish I'll be back there one day doing something that they will be proud of me.

And I miss my lovely Tuni. I know she misses me too. In the last Boishakhi Mela, I saw many Bengali girls some of whom are beautiful in general sense, but I didnt feel any one of them can stand in front of my Tuni. Most of them have some showing tendency and lack of personalities when they encounter a young guy like me. A few seniors asked me whether I am single after noticing the ring in my finger. I am using this finger as a constraint to girls over here, that look I have my darling. :-D My Tuni is the best of all time. I love her and love her and love her.

-- Tona


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