Tona Tuni r Golpo

Sharing story of feelings between a couple - tona and tuni.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Got H1B Visa: Going to Atlanta

I got H1B visa afternoon today. Ahad Bhai's visa was pending. We had to wait a lot before the counsellor first called Ahad Bhai and then me. When I found Ahad Bhai's visa was pending asking fir tax record papers of our employer, I thought my counsellor will ask for the same papers. But when I approached my counsellor 1 hour later, I tried to face him boldly and focus his attention onmy software development experiences for USA for based firms. I was feeling very bad for Ahad Bhai and Vabi.

I know me and my Tuni will miss each other very much. :( But all these are part of life.

-- Tona