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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

catch up wid da lag

Life was extremely busy last couple of wekks for me and Tona
1) there was Tonas very sucessful workshop with ymi at bu on agile methodology. he is very happy about it and so am i ..... i am xtremely proud of tona in dat respect..... ymi was extremely pleased and is continously being in contact with him.... i can now probably the topic up regarding our marriage to ymi. There was overwhelming, more than 100 people, attendance. there has not been so many people in such gathering recently in bu.
2)me and tona were both sick... i m still going thru my sinus trouble.... went to dr and for diagnostics and according to that i have sinusitis on the left side....have to see the dr tomorrow.... is looking forward to have tona with me... last time i went to the dr with tona... i felt my husband brought me to the doctor and is now taking me to the diagnostics.... it was a great feeling for me yesterday....
just before we got sick that was last wednesday we went for drive to ashulia and bak... that was another great moment for me.....
in between we had the rakhal bhai and altaf zafar incidents... i took the thing wrong... and i said sorry and took it bak... i think i made a mistake..... being independant and not giving my other half a chance has turned out to be my way of thinking.....
I think i really have to change the way i think... i have to understand how the other person is feeling and might feel.... and that i can really rely on a person and let that person handle some of my things...i cannot think myself just an individual...
i cannot think "I" am one but "We" are one
luv you shona tona
forgive me please


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