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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Startted my Consultancy life thus ending bekarotto of 2 weeks


I started my IT Consultancy life from today. When I went to meet Asif Bhai last evening, he offered me for hourly consultancy on behalf of Spectrum in a few projects. I went to Siemens Bangladesh premise at Gulshan with Asif bhai in the morning. Besides at afternoon I went to Spectrum premise to work as a mentor in an in-house project as well as in a session with Grameen Phone. Besides I am also on the way to get an offer from KnowVision as their J2EE consultant.

It was nice to see you at night in BRAC University after long days of continous work. I feel so good to see you, to get yuo close to me. You know I miss you so much.

--- Tona


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