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Monday, February 21, 2005

Omor Ekushe

I went to buy 2 tickets from Allias Froncaise for Tuni in the morning. I was so busy in KnowVision that I couldn't manage time for lunch. I went to Spectrum taking Saif Rajeev with me to meet Hafiz Bhai after I finsihed the Grameen Phone session at evening. Hafiz Bhai was there with Asif Bhai and Akkas Bhai, two of his best friends. He happily agreed to my proposal to conduct a workshop on agile software development methodologies including XP, TDD, SCRUM. I talked with Yousuf Sir over phone at night and he agreed to host our JPGroup gathering in BRAC University auditorium 28 th of this month. Tuni helped me with directions on how to communicate with Sir.

Today was omor ekushe. Tuni couldn't come out of house and so I had to go to Ekushe Boi Mela, TSC alone at around 11 AM and bought two books. There I met Russell, Atik, Nayan, Moin. I had my lunch with Nayan and Moin at Pizza Palace and then Nayan left for home. Me and Moin had great gossips at my house till evening. Then I went to attend my ex-colleague Shawon's invitation at Roshona Bilash where all the guys were present. Masum told he'll come in 28 th Feb's JPGroup gathering with his whole team.

I went to VIP studio for taking passport size photograph after having a clear shave with face scrub at night. Abbu Ammu came back from Chittagong-Cox's Bazar-Cent Martin 3 days' tour when I came back meeting Nadir Bhai at Isabella.

At night I felt, Tuni's voice a little dry. I dont know whether its because I was too busy to talk to her for a longer session or because she missed me in such a historical day only to stay at home meaninglessly. Tuni, I miss you too, miss you so much.

-- Tona


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