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Friday, February 18, 2005

Met Yousuf Sir in BRAC & Ashim's Marriage

I met Yousuf Sir in BRAC university just at 9:30 am in the morning. We talked about Agile modeling and eXteme Programming (XP), a new sort of simple prototyping for requirements collection and acceptance criteria definition. At around 10 am Farzana Miss joined us. I talked with her about a few internee scopes and she introduced me one of her students.

I finished Nayeera of Zafor Iqbal morning today. In the afternoon, I went to Tuni's house to pick her and bring to Bashundhora garden city where Shihab joined us. We decided not to watch moive there and went to Boi mela following a long long queue. I bought a book for Tuni, Humayun Ahmed's Lilaboti. I left them in Escape From Shanghai after having a lemon cake with Sprite, as I had to attend the USA phone call at night.

Today was Ashim's marriage ceremony at Chang Pei Chinese Restaurant. I was late to attend his ceremony due to phone call from my USA counterpart Rozen Bhai, regarding my H1B visa. he explained the name issues in passport and told both of us to fly together as early as possible. So we have to leave Dhaka as the job is waiting for us. After finishing the party, I dropped Razzak and his wife at Kurmitola cantonment. Vabi is really friendly and caring.


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