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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Excellent Mirpur Road Link From Ashulia

I provided a technical session to KnowVision developers in the morning about software engineering life cycle, CMM-SW, Agile/XP, Software Engineering as a Career, Java/J2EE etc. It was lively and to be continued for next Thursday. When I returned at noon, I found Fufu, Tuhin Bhai and Ripa there.

I picked Tuni and Shihab from Dhanmondi and we went to King's first. Though we had plan to go for Comilla Nurjahan Hotel to eat Butter Nun and Chicken Soup there, we were already late to go so far. So we went to Jahangir Nogor University first, enjoyed the natural beauty and winter birds there. Then while returning we went through the Mirpur road link of Ashulia. It was one of the awesome moment of my life, with my lovely tuni. Shihab was telling me and Tuni in Bail Road that if he gets a fiance, he'll make his first date at Ochin Brikhkho of that Ashulia-Mirpur link road.

Yesterday I went to my last office to collect job experience letter and attended the noon's meal arraned by 3 new employees there. I went to EBZ at night to give mad max the movie Mad Max. He was quite happy.


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