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Saturday, January 29, 2005

one important day of my life

My office is my second home, an inspiration for me to go forward, a platform for me to achieve the best in the career. The only sign of obtacle in the office is Mn- my senior analyst or so called my the den boss. He just dropped the last straw and i had to decide whether to sign a contract wid softed at all or not , coz he threatened if i wud work for him or not. After his threat i blurted out all my complaints against him to ensure i m taken under maxwell stamp and not under softed... on thursday i was assured a position under maxwell stamp as team leader of business analyst and quality management team.....

mr mannan is under rosemary's observation and is going to be put under no other way but through softed so that he can be easily replaced.... according to ymi biplob bhai is the most likely replacement

I wud have to work hard and make the software least dependent on MN.... shit i hate to even type those to letter to represent him

It seems a sucess so far... but i know this wud mean i wud be doing part of his work... which wud not make him happy at all.... and as a result he might try to make my life hell.... i will have to keep my eyes wide open

- tuni


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